R&D Tax Credits


Many innovators in the UK are not fully taking advantage of the R&D Tax Credits because either they have misconceptions about its eligibility or have confusion regarding its documentation, qualification actions, expenses, and what to do after the credit is claimed.

The R&D tax credit offers an additional source of cash for various research-based businesses. Our team of experts and accountants conduct a thorough analysis of your operations to find qualifying activities and maximise your R&D credit claim's value legitimately.

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It's Never too Late to Claim Your Rewards for Your Innovation
R&D Tax Credits

We help clients discover hidden research & development in their businesses to receive great relief from corporation tax through HMRC's R&D tax scheme.

R&D Tax Grants

Our team can identify, apply, and qualify clients for the best grants for research initiatives that are yet to begin to co-exist with R&D Tax Credits.

R&D Capital Allowances

Also known as RDAs, Businesses can now claim 100% tax relief for capital expenditure incurred on the qualifying R&D activities.

Patent Box

Patent Box can reduce a firm's corporate tax by half by reducing the rate to 10% on any profits attributed to patented inventions. Check your eligibility with us.

Intellectual Property and Creative Sector Tax Credits

We protect clients' intellectual properties by restoring their corporate structure and assess their firm's eligibility for the eight creative sector tax credits.

Video Games Tax Relief

Game developers can receive a tax relief worth up to 20% and reduce the corporation tax bill. We can help you get the most out of such relief.

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Why Should You Consult Our R&D Credits Professionals?

Leading R&D Tax Credits Consultancy

We have 100% success rate, meaning HMRC has qualified all our claims in full.

No Major Investment

You pay a mutually agreed fixed price only when you receive your claim. We promise.

More than R&D Credits

You get a legit team of tax planners, accountants, & advisors at your disposal.

Guaranteed Results

Our proven strategy has helped many UK companies qualify legally for claims.

Flexible Plans


From £350 per year*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Self assessment tax return
  • check Bookkeeping for 240 transactions
  • check Claimable expense guidance
  • check Basic HMRC dealing
  • check Basic Tax planning
  • check Basic Business support

£85 per month*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Corporation tax return (CT600)
  • check Bookkeeping for 360 transactions
  • check Payroll- Director
  • check Tax Return- Director
  • check Confirmation statement
  • check Basic Tax planning
  • check Basic Business support
Established Businesses

From £149 per month*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Corporation tax return (CT600)
  • check Bookkeeping for 360 transactions
  • check Payroll- two employees
  • check Tax Return- two Directors
  • check Confirmation statement
  • check Basic HMRC dealing
  • check Tax planning

*Prices are VAT exclusive.

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123Financials team are top-notch. I’ve been very happy with their work and consistently impressed by their high level of service. They are professional, respond quickly, and provide solid advice with their client’s best interests in mind. Highly recommend.


123 Financials take the time to understand your needs as a client and not only support you from a transactional perspective but also provide advisory services. It's the first relationship I've had with an accountant in the UK that feels like a true partnership.



I couldn't recommend these guys highly enough. They have been brilliant from day one. We had a previous accountant who just messed us around and 123 came in and managed to transition everything over and we are now in a much better place. You are able to have lots of contact with them and they are always there to help improve your company. Very hands-on and I feel they do so much more than what is required. If you are looking for accountants, these are your guys!

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Harry Thomas

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Secure Your Future R&D with Deserving Tax Credits

All you need is a 10-minute phone call with our expert to discover the gems hidden in your business that you can claim for tax reduction.

  • The HMRC will directly pay your claims. We won't handle your cash.
  • Rest assured, we will process your claim every year, right from filling applications to getting it approved.
  • We work on a fixed fee. The longer you are with us, the lesser you pay.
  • With our R&D credit tracker, you can access all ongoing Tax Credit Schemes.
  • You can claim for all your innovative activities – there is no limits or exceptions.
  • Talk to us to learn which business costs can you claim from HMRC.

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