Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)


The EIS and SEIS are tax breaks to investors offering substantial income tax savings on early-stage investments. Our accountants help start-ups and SMEs by preparing and filing for HMRC advanced assurance and EIS/SEIS.

With EIS/SEIS approval, your business will be more attractive to UK investors. Contact our EIS expert to find out your eligibility.

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You Can Claim Up to 50% Tax Relief With SEIS and EIS Schemes
Business Plans

Whatever your next move is, you will need an effective plan. Our certified experts can develop one with relevant industry information based on analytical data.

Advance Assurance

Since investments are risky, investors only trust firms that have HMRC Advance Assurance. We can get your company qualified for EIS/SEIS to show to your investors.

Completing Certificate for Investors

We act as a step-by-step guide for investors to claim their EIS tax reliefs by accurately completing the EIS3 certificates during tax returns filing.

Allotment of Shares

We correctly issue EIS and SEIS shares, adhering to HMRC guidelines while ensuring your investors can avail EIS benefits in time.

Secretarial Services

We fulfil company secretarial duties like new share issues, Companies House filings, and updating various statutory registers.

Annual Compliance

We systematically record, track, and analyse your compliance with the EIS/ SEIS scheme requirements.

Not Sure of Your EIS Eligibility? A 10-Minute Call Will Give Your Answers.

How Do You Benefit from EIS Advisors?

Specialists At Your Disposal

Our experts have completed EIS Assurance for many clients with a 100% track record.

Keep Track of Changes

We keep you upgraded and compliant with different relevant regulations and financial trends.

Know Your Investment Future

We offer fixed fees with tailored solutions, so you know what your budget will be in future.

Intelligent New Business Solutions

Tackle different affairs at various phases of starting up with our accredited business advisors.

Flexible Plans


From £350 per year*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Self assessment tax return
  • check Bookkeeping for 240 transactions
  • check Claimable expense guidance
  • check Basic HMRC dealing
  • check Basic Tax planning
  • check Basic Business support

£85 per month*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Corporation tax return (CT600)
  • check Bookkeeping for 360 transactions
  • check Payroll- Director
  • check Tax Return- Director
  • check Confirmation statement
  • check Basic Tax planning
  • check Basic Business support
Established Businesses

From £149 per month*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Corporation tax return (CT600)
  • check Bookkeeping for 360 transactions
  • check Payroll- two employees
  • check Tax Return- two Directors
  • check Confirmation statement
  • check Basic HMRC dealing
  • check Tax planning

*Prices are VAT exclusive.

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123Financials team are top-notch. I’ve been very happy with their work and consistently impressed by their high level of service. They are professional, respond quickly, and provide solid advice with their client’s best interests in mind. Highly recommend.


123 Financials take the time to understand your needs as a client and not only support you from a transactional perspective but also provide advisory services. It's the first relationship I've had with an accountant in the UK that feels like a true partnership.



I couldn't recommend these guys highly enough. They have been brilliant from day one. We had a previous accountant who just messed us around and 123 came in and managed to transition everything over and we are now in a much better place. You are able to have lots of contact with them and they are always there to help improve your company. Very hands-on and I feel they do so much more than what is required. If you are looking for accountants, these are your guys!

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EIS Flowchart

UK Government offers attractive tax breaks to individual investors investing in new shares of companies engaged in high-risk businesses. These schemes are designed to help companies raise money to fund business growth. It is very important for you to know that the investors will have their income tax benefit clawed back if within 3 years from the date of the initial investment, your business does not comply with HMRC requirements.

After recent changes in the legislation, qualification for EIS is no longer a simple matter and many of the rules relating to the investor, the business type, the company and the relationship between the two must be observed over a period as well as considered in detail at the outset. Our calculator is designed to guide you towards the likelihood of company qualification under the scheme and is not a substitute for a professional advice. We do not accept any responsibility for decisions taken based on the outcome of this calculator.

Two of such schemes are very popular- Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Both are different and so is the application process, but if you company is a new venture (i.e. established for 2 years) and gross assets do not exceed £200k, the SEIS could be more applicable to you.

If, after completing the questions, EIS looks to be a possible option for a planned capital injection, please contact us to discuss the detail of your specific situation and we will be delighted to help.

Salient features of available tax reliefs under EIS scheme are:

  • Income tax relief at 30%
  • Roll over of capital gains on other assets
  • Loss relief available if the investment fails
  • Exemption from capital gains tax
  • Inheritance tax friendly investment

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