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123Financials’ accountants understand that sole traders stretch time beyond their abilities to run their businesses, often pushing accounting and taxation matters to the bottom. And therefore, our sole traders’ accountants help such individuals achieve their full potential by ensuring they don’t fall behind the status quo.

UK’s sole traders’ tax law is different from limited liability companies. Our qualified experts will ensure you are acquainted and oblige with the law to avoid penalties and maximise profitability.

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Sole Trader Accountant


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Sole Trader Accountants that Perfectly Fit Your Business

HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) regards sole traders as self-employed individuals, regardless of what they do – sell goods or services. Each sole trading business is different in terms of weaknesses and strengths. A trustworthy, Chartered sole trader accountant can identify them at the right time and help make critical business decisions and improve processes quick and easy.

Being a sole trader comes with both pros and cons – while you will enjoy and keep all the profits, you will also be responsible for the losses and personally accountable for the debts. Many business owners choose to work as sole traders in the UK, as accounting is cheaper. Unlike limited liability companies, sole traders submit only P&L accounts with HMRC.

At 123Financials, our accountants for sole traders brace the latest technologies and years of experience to provide tailored accounting and bookkeeping solutions. These includeforming your business, self-assessment filing, and claiming business expenses.

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We offer tax preparation and tax savings strategies for individual professionals.

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Our fail-safe fiscal strategies help new entrants uncover hidden growth potentials.

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We are a full-finance stack, including comprehensive solutions that go beyond accounting.

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Where you go, whenever you go, have complete control over your financial information.

First-Hand Access to Sole Trader Accountants only at 123Financials

Are you considering starting a business as a sole trader or already trading? By hiring us, you will have access to specialistsall the time. Our sole trader accountants will do the following for you:

  • task_alt Bookkeeping
  • task_alt Register for VAT and file returns
  • task_alt Advice on claimable and non claimable expenses
  • task_alt Inventory management
  • task_alt Prepare and submit self-assessment tax return
  • task_alt Run payroll
  • task_alt Manage business debts, pay bills, and register with CIS
  • task_alt Management accounts
  • task_alt Cashflow forecasts
  • task_alt Cloud-based online accounting software application
  • task_alt omplete management accounts
  • task_alt Manage bookkeeping
  • task_alt Offer tax investigation service
  • task_alt Business plans and forecasting

Sole Trader Accounting Services

A fixed-fee, low cost service for sole traders working as contractors or small-business.
From just £ 25 + VAT/Month

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Work with Remote Sole Trader Accountants and Save Cost


Are you still figuring out how to establish yourself as a sole trader and need support from an expert to define your business proposition? Our sole trader accountants can help you with the business plan, which will act as your roadmap to your financial forecast.

We will work remotely based on a mutually agreed fixed price, so you need not spend a lump sum on hiring full-time accountants. In addition, we will help you document detailed records of all your incomes and expenses and provide you with comprehensive bookkeeping solutions to log and track receipts, invoices, and expenses.

If you wish to switch to a specialist like us, we promise to make the transition effortless at your end. We will contact your existing accountants, gather all documents, review them to ensure they are HMRC compliant without any loose ends, and prepare and file reports. Sounds easy?

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We are connected to the industry’s leading digital accounting partners. Avail their benefits free of cost.

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We are a full-finance stack solution provider, including extended services that go beyond accounting.

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You have the freedom to leave us anytime you want. Although, we guarantee that wouldn’t happen.

Flexible Plans


From £350 per year*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Self assessment tax return
  • check Bookkeeping for 240 transactions
  • check Claimable expense guidance
  • check Basic HMRC dealing
  • check Basic Tax planning
  • check Basic Business support

£85 per month*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Corporation tax return (CT600)
  • check Bookkeeping for 360 transactions
  • check Payroll- Director
  • check Tax Return- Director
  • check Confirmation statement
  • check Basic Tax planning
  • check Basic Business support
Established Businesses

From £149 per month*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Corporation tax return (CT600)
  • check Bookkeeping for 360 transactions
  • check Payroll- two employees
  • check Tax Return- two Directors
  • check Confirmation statement
  • check Basic HMRC dealing
  • check Tax planning

*Prices are VAT exclusive.

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We are here for You, Working Alongside, Building Your Sole Trading Business

As a sole trader, you may have a lot of questions. You may want to know how to register a business name, if you can trade under your name, and whether you can be a sole trader and self-employed at the same time. Other questions like – how and when to apply for special sole trader insurance and other permits, pay income tax and NICs, and register for VAT – can also plague your mind.

Rest assured, we will answer all these questions for you and offer more to help you understand and gauge your business performance – all this at fixed and competitive rates.

As a Xero Gold Certified partner, we will offer you a discounted subscription and full-service support. You can read more about our services here.

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