Startup Accountants

Starting from just £85/month, you will get a dedicated startup accountant to help you with the following:
  • check Form your company
  • check Develop accounting plans and financial budget
  • check Register for VAT, Payroll, and bookkeeping
  • check Make business HMRC compliant
  • check Set up for EMI valuations, SEIS/EIS applications, and R&D relief
  • check Tailor-made premium startup accounting service
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Start Your Business in the UK with Best Startup Accountants

Starting from just £85/month, you will get a dedicated startup accountant to help you with the following:
  • check Form your company
  • check Develop accounting plans and financial budget
  • check Register for VAT, Payroll, and bookkeeping
  • check Make business HMRC compliant
  • check Settup for EMI valuations, SEIS/EIS applications, and R&D relief
  • check Tailor-made premium startup accounting service
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Accountants for Startup

Get Set, Grow, and Scale with 123Financials’

123Financials’ dedicated services empower startup founders to make confident decisions for their companies to grow and succeed in the long term. We start by finding more about your company vision, financial goals, experience & background, discuss various options and go through their pros and cons to incorporate your company profitably.

Our startup accountant will also help you set up bank accounts and show you planning and saving taxes with different schemes and options.

Founders partner with us.






What We Can Do For Your Startup









How Our Accounting for Startups in the UK are best for Budding startups?

Professional startup accountants can be of great value to startup businesses in boosting growth and improving the bottom line. On hiring our startup accountants, you will gain a credible resource for your organisation, adding value to your accounting and preventing pitfalls, freeing your valuable time as a founder to focus on your core business operations.

  • task_alt Raise funding with confidence
  • task_alt Better understanding of start up market complexities
  • task_alt Budgets and robust business forecasts preparation
  • task_alt Relevant tax planning to optimise personal and business taxes
  • task_alt leveraging the cloud solutions, meaning your business financial information is at your fingertips 24/7/365
  • task_alt Full compliance solutions
  • task_alt Payment processing, financial control and key process optimisation
  • task_alt Setting up the infrastructure to make the business ready for scale-up
  • task_alt Getting you financially prepared for the funding round
  • task_alt R&D, EIS/SEIS, cap table, share registers and more
  • task_alt Bespoke startup accounting services

Startups Accounting Services

A fixed-fee, low cost service for Startups working as contractors or small-business.
From just £ 85 + VAT/Month

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Flexible Plans


From £350 per year*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Self assessment tax return
  • check Bookkeeping for 240 transactions
  • check Claimable expense guidance
  • check Basic HMRC dealing
  • check Basic Tax planning
  • check Basic Business support

£85 per month*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Corporation tax return (CT600)
  • check Bookkeeping for 360 transactions
  • check Payroll- Director
  • check Tax Return- Director
  • check Confirmation statement
  • check Basic Tax planning
  • check Basic Business support
Established Businesses

From £149 per month*

  • check Annual accounts
  • check Corporation tax return (CT600)
  • check Bookkeeping for 360 transactions
  • check Payroll- two employees
  • check Tax Return- two Directors
  • check Confirmation statement
  • check Basic HMRC dealing
  • check Tax planning

*Prices are VAT exclusive.

Startup Accountants London

One-stop solution for accounting needs: Accountants for Startups!
Lay your startup foundation with 123Financials

Launching a business can be a life-changer. But, it comes with risk and uncertainty from the cut-throat competitive industry. Before entering the market, there's a lot to be done.

Your startup accountant validates your idea and long-term goals concerning the market structure and devices a strategy to maintain uninterrupted cash flow. We have a buddy for you whom you can trust for any finance-related advice. We have everything a startup needs under one umbrella.

Not that techie? Need a hand?

Old-school accounting methods are given up these days. With the unnumbered advent in the technical sector, startup accountants are resorting to high computing software such as Xero, Quickbooks, and FreeAgent.

If you aren't much inclined toward technical advancements, that doesn't mean you will be left behind. Without strategies and processing, raw data is just a load. Hiring a tech-savvy startup accountant is an easy solution for utilising cloud-based software.

Lots of registrations? Let's apply as a team

Great Startups are lean and run on flexibility and freedom, yet compliance is necessary. Countless registrations with government bodies with supporting documents in the required formats are needed. Well, this will certainly make you tired.

Sounds overwhelming? Nevermind! Your startup accountant can register for the VAT, Payroll, EIS/SEIS, Cap tables, R&D tax credits, Pensions, etc. They even keep you in a circle until the processes are concluded.

Short on funds? It's time to shoot a fundraiser session

Startups usually depend on the funds raised during the pre-seeding or seeding round. Bootstrap startups where the founder makes the entire investment are rare to find.

With the industry getting competitive day by day and great startups kicking off, it is a tough race to seek investments. You must be very precise with the company's evaluation.

Evaluation can be ambiguous, but our startup accountant has in-depth knowledge of the industry with which they bring out the sharpest and most detailed evaluation for your fundraisers. Once you hire a startup accountant, the evaluation and supporting documents are just a ping away.

Know nothing about EIS/SEIS? We are there for you

As your startup sets foot in the market, you might need some additional funds. EIS (Enterprise Investment Schemes) and SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes) are some of the available solutions making your startup attractive to UK taxpayer investors.

It becomes a mere task to seek some funds for startups with the tax benefits associated with these schemes. We know the start and end of these programs, and the startup accountant can assist you in wrapping up the mandatory paperwork.

Make up your mind; we are just a ping away

Great things take time, and significant decisions need some action. You can ping us now with the accounting vulnerabilities your startup is facing, and our team will get back with a promising solution for all your startup accounting pitfalls or queries.With many endeavors, our startup accountants strive all day and night to do their client's a good turn.

Let's discuss the services that we offer to back your startup

It is a myth that one employee can't make a difference in sales and revenue. Hire a professional startup accountant, and you will notice the revenue trajectory of your startup going steeper and higher. Once the startup accountants are on board, you will have someone to look upon for financial guidance.

Top reasons for choosing 123Financials Startup Accountants in London for your startup

A startup accountant makes your task easy in multi-dimensions:

  • Tailored startup accounting services
  • Bringing out tech-innovative solutions leveraging automation and cloud computing
  • Cash flow forecasting to avoid a cash crunch
  • Budget preparation and setting up annual financial forecasts
  • Consolidating all the bank statements, credit card statements, and other monetary sources of the startup
  • Payment processing, financial management, and payroll optimisation
  • Complete HMRC compliance solutions
  • R&D tax credit claims management and writing technical reports
  • Effective tax planning to reduce personal and business tax liabilities
  • Maintaining inventory records
  • Assisting you in preparing for the fundraising
  • EIS/SEIS registration and compliance
  • Maintaining up-to-date Cap table
  • Make sure that you pitch the correct valuation in front of investors
  • Retirement planning for the founder and the employees
  • The EMIs are decided judiciously
  • Exit strategies

Accounting for startups is a bit tricky. We rigorously look for two traits in the ideal accountant for a startup business - versatility and path-finding.

There are numerous challenges in the day-to-day accounting of a start business; our accountants know how to brainstorm and get to the most appropriate solution.

Our accountants not only possess in-depth market knowledge but also know about leveraging it.

Why choose our startup accountancy services?

As a startup and SME-focused accountancy firm, we don't leave a stone unturned to provide all services your startup needs under one umbrella.

We are tech-savvy and are entirely cloud-based to accommodate needs of today's startups. We offer everything a startup needs under one umbrella: bookkeeping to R&D, payroll to CFO and accounts to investor relations.

We will provide you accurate financial intelligence needed to facilitate robust decision-making and funding rounds. We help you establish correct processes at your startup, making it ready to scale and grow seamlessly.

Finally, we are ICAEW accredited, Xero gold partner and a 5-star rated (Trustpilot) accounting firm.

What can accountants do for a startup business?

We offer a range of services that most startups need. These include:

  • Recording business transactions, updating books, preparing financial statements, and assisting in sound decision making
  • Meeting all compliance requirements- annual accounts, tax returns, confirmation statements, payroll, VAT returns, pension filings, updating Companies House with share returns of allotments and other filings etc.
  • Preparing founders' self-assessment tax returns and helps in reducing tax liabilities by considering deductions and reliefs
  • Analyses cash flow in the business, tracking income and expenditure, calculating profit and loss, and measuring business performance
  • Management accounts, Budgeting, business forecasting, payment processing, financial control, and critical process optimisation
  • Leveraging cloud solutions in business, thus, keeping financial information at your fingertips
  • Making business fundraising ready with updated books, and accurate business forecasts
What should I consider when hiring a startup accountant?

When hiring a startup accountant, you must consider a few things to make the right choice.

  • Do they have minimum qualifications to handle your accounting needs?
  • Do they have certificates or permission to offer accounting services?
  • Check their reviews on independent platforms- like Trustpilot.
  • Do they have experience working with businesses of your type- startups?
  • What services do they provide?
  • Will they provide bookkeeping, accounting, financial advisory, and tax expertise together, or do you need to find others?
  • How much do they charge, and how to pay them?
  • How often are they available for you, and how to communicate with them?
  • Are they tech-savvy?
What accounting services do I need as a startup?

The range of accounting needs may vary; however, every startup has some standard accounting requirements. It includes:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual accounts or financial statements
  • Annual corporate tax return- CT600
  • Confirmation statement
  • VAT returns- if VAT registered
  • Payroll workings, RTI and pension submissions
  • Management accounts
  • Managing cap table, issuing new shares and updating Companies House
  • EIS/ SEIS registration and maintenance- if issuing shares to UK individual taxpayers
  • Budgeting and cashflow forecasting
  • R&D tax credit claims, if applicable.
How much it costs to hire a startup accountant?

Our growth package starts from £149/month and includes:

  • iXBRL accounts preparation and submission with the Companies House
  • iXBRL tax return preparation and submission with the HMRC
  • 1 confirmation statement filing with the Companies House
  • Director self-assessment tax return preparation and submission with the HMRC
  • Director and 2 employee payroll and pension filings
  • Fortnightly bookkeeping- 480 transactions per year included.
  • 4 VAT return preparation and submissions with the HMRC
  • Quarterly management accounts
  • For details, please see our pricing page

Additional services include setting up for employee share option schemes, EIS/SEIS applications, R&D tax relief, budgets and forecasts preparation, monthly management accounts, cashflow and virtual CFO.

Will a single person handle my account?

Well, it depends upon the work involved. It is like building a home; you need an architect, builder, painter, electrician, plumber, etc. The same is with Accounts; there are bookkeeping, payroll, accounts preparation, tax issues, and specialist tax or accounting areas.

You will have a dedicated accountant responsible for the delivery of the overall project. A small team of one to three persons usually assists your dedicated accountant.

How do you communicate with your clients?

Our clients and accountants communicate via your dedicated customer portal, email or phone calls. We are also available on Whatsapp.

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