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123Financials is trustworthy and has knowledgeable experts. They have a wide selection of services. They are highly recommended, and their team is highly professional.

Anayah Khan

123Financials accounting services surpassed every expectation and were exceptionally helpful.

Andrew Mcdonald
Andrew Mcdonald

Acknowledgement for 123Financials' general assistance and guidance during challenging circumstances, offering clear updates on COVID-19 and defining the Chancellor's rescue package quickly. The team's support is considered an asset in difficult circumstances.

Self Employed

I was introduced to 123Financials via a social media group in the middle of the pandemic to help me submit my self-employed tax. From the start they have been nothing but professional and efficient. The team answer emails / queries promptly, and with the precise information requested. They use very simple and effective online tool which allows easy access to your files and documents when needed. They have continued to manage my self-employed tax submissions. I have also needed other help reconciling other financial documents for other matters and these were completed without delay and accuracy. 123Financials have been one of the best recommendations I have ever received, and I hope my recommendation cements just how professional and trustworthy they are.


For small businesses looking for proactive guidance with cloud technology solutions, 123Financial is highly recommended. Their outstanding service and professionalism make them reliable CFOs for business ventures.

Darpan Goyal

123Financial is an amazing accounting firm. The team has assisted us in growing our startup with advice and guidance on every financial aspect.

Drew Beattie

123Financial team is very polite, helpful, and quick to answer questions to all my queries.

Evgeniy Kuzmin

123Financial is highly recommended. The company submitted the accounts on time and was genuinely interested in solving the problem.


123Financials offers great service, and their team is an expert in accounting and the financial domain.

Farzad Wahabzada

Raj and the dedicated staff at 123Financial are commended for organizing payroll, advising on tax schemes, and providing financial consultancy services. The recommendation reflects their successful contributions to the client's requirements


123Financial is highly appreciated for its friendliness and professionalism. They promptly respond to emails and calls, setting them apart in terms of customer service.

Federico Schiocchet

Raj and his team at 123Financials are very friendly and professional. They have transparent pricing.

Fiona H
Fiona H

As a newcomer to the world of self-employment, 123Financial proves indispensable in articulating claimable expenses and assisting in setting up a limited company. Their forward-thinking and proactive approach makes them highly recommended.

GymUs Ltd

123Financials is highly recommended, is transparent with pricing, and has proved helpful in difficult times of lockdown.

Harry Thomas
Harry Thomas
No1 Fitness

I couldn't recommend these guys highly enough. They have been brilliant from day one. We had a previous accountant who just messed us around and 123 came in and managed to transition everything over and we are now in a much better place. You are able to have lots of contact with them and they are always there to help improve your company. Very hands-on and I feel they do so much more than what is required. If you are looking for accountants, these are your guys!

Harry Thomas - No 1 Fitness

123Financial is highly praised for being brilliant from day one. They have impressively transitioned accounting tasks, assisting in continuous enhancement. A recommended choice for dedicated accounting services.

Director, Harrison Forbes

The team at 123Financials have help me with both controlling my spending and dealing with the HMRC. Without 123Financials help, I wouldn't be able to pay back my debt and continue running my business efficiently. I would highly recommend 123Financials 200% to anyone.

Hassan Mohamed
Director, Harrison Forbes

123Financials receives a 200% recommendation for assisting in spending control, overseeing HMRC dealings, and allowing the continued operation of a company while dealing with debt.

Sole trader

From my first enquiry, I've been very impressed with their knowledge and customer service. Their attention to detail, guidance and asking the right questions helped me get a stronger handle on the business and personal finances - something I've found lacking with other firms. Highly recommend.

Owner, Howard Feasey

Excellent service from 123Financials – The team is very responsive to my particular needs and provide expert financial advice in a timely manner. I can highly recommend them to anyone with their own small business - high quality and competitive in terms of price. Thank you 123Financials.

Howard F
Owner, Howard Feasey

Rajesh and the 123Financial team are highly responsive to any client needs and provide financial guidance promptly. They are highly recommended for small businesses.

Israel Fernandez
Israel Fernandez

Hiring 123Financial as our outsourcing accounting team has proved to be outstanding in completing our tasks quickly. Their proactive initiatives ensure the job is done right the first time without lounging around on our watch!

Izabela Leszczynska

123Financial team and Rajesh provided us with immense knowledge and professional expertise regarding forming a private limited company. I highly recommend them for their exceptional support, guidance and utilization of new technologies


123Financial has a highly efficient staff that provides swift responses, affordable charges, and offers value-added information. Their services are appealing, and they offered excellent services in my first year of support

Jayaseelan Dhuraisami

The 123Financial team has responded to all my queries and offered advice that has helped me to save substantial money for my business. I would highly recommend them as an accounting partner.


The 123Financial team deserves recognition for providing a pleasurable and highly professional experience that makes filing taxes easier for individuals.

John Peterson

It has been an incredible journey with 123Financials as they have understood the way our business runs rather than just looking at the numbers!


123Financial is highly appreciated for its professional onboarding process, easy email support, and effective accounting services. The founder has great knowledge, and the company is transparent with its pricing. It makes 123Financial stand out.

Katharyn Camara

Raj and his team offer excellent service, and their work is highly appreciated.


The team's exceptional understanding of tax planning, the skill to streamline complex tax laws, and the passion to support SMEs shine throughout their work. Overall, 123Financial is highly recommended.

Lou Voilet

It was a pleasure working with the 123Financial team. They are extremely accommodating and go beyond limits to help their clients. The team is highly knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy. They gave me effective advice on business matters like R&D, tax, legal, etc.

Malcolm Mcinnes

123Financials always provides proper guidance and on-time support with knowledge about tax declaration and post-submission queries.

Marco Herbst

123Financials has been great to work with, as they have an expert team that provides quick solutions.

Michelle Cooney

123Financials team communicates efficiently with their clients to solve their accounting problems


Raj and the team offer excellent service at an affordable price. They are highly recommended.

Mike Handerson

123Financials deserves a 5-star for their services. They are extremely professional and collaborate efficiently with their clients.

Monica M

The team at 123Financial provides fantastic service! They have been very helpful and always provide the right guidance. Recommended!

Nic S

123Financials provide prompt responses and are courteous. They provide friendly services with professionalism and knowledge that make accounting hassle-free


123Financials take the time to understand your needs as a client and not only support you from a transactional perspective but also provide advisory services. It's the first relationship I've had with an accountant in the UK that feels like a true partnership.

Pierina Tello
Pierina Tello
Tutor, Assessor, & Coach, Tello Learning Support

Rajesh has been really helpful with all my accountancy needs. He is friendly, approachable, and always happy to answer my questions. Being a new small business, I was worried about finding an accountant that would cater to my needs and help me understand the self assessment process. I wanted someone to do it for me, but at the same time allow me to be a part of it so I understand how it works. Rajesh has done all these things and more. Totally exceeded expectations. He is so patient with me when I ask him questions - often ones I've already asked before and forgotten the answer to - and he understands the way my mind (and therefore my spreadsheets of information) works, thus saving me a lot of time having to explain or reorganise my data. He has also saved me a lot of money in taxes because there were many things I wasn't aware were expenses and he took his time to go over every aspect of my business with me, to ensure everything was covered. It isn't a "one size fits all" kind of approach; it is personalised. I feel he is genuinely interested in the success of my business and eager to help it grow. I haven't had an accountant before, so I don't know if others are as thorough and invested as Rajesh, but from the few others I interviewed at the start, I very much doubt it. I'm very happy with his service and wouldn't change to anyone else. I highly recommend Rajesh to anyone wanting an effective, organised, and thorough accountant.

Samuel Allsop
Tutor, Assessor, & Coach, Tello Learning Support

123Financial team offers excellent service, which is superior to local accountants. They have a quick turnaround time with affordable pricing. 123Financial is highly recommended for all financial needs.

Sergio Bale
Tutor, Assessor, & Coach, Tello Learning Support

123Financial is highly praised for its efficiency and professionalism. The price quoted was reasonable, and the solutions provided are highly recommendable.

Tutor, Assessor, & Coach, Tello Learning Support

123Financials team are top-notch. I’ve been very happy with their work and consistently impressed by their high level of service. They are professional, respond quickly, and provide solid advice with their client’s best interests in mind. Highly recommend.

Tomasz Dziurawiec
Tutor, Assessor, & Coach, Tello Learning Support

123Financials is highly recommended for its reliable and professional accounting services. They are the best in the business.

Tutor, Assessor, & Coach, Tello Learning Support

The team at 123Financials is good and understanding in achieving results with their focused approach.

Tutor, Assessor, & Coach, Tello Learning Support

Rajesh and the team provided us with knowledgeable and professional assistance in understanding accounting tax and system-related issues. They are skilled at accounting, tax, and system-related activities, making them a reliable accounting partner

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