Wondering how much tax you owe HMRC this financial year, or get your salary breakdown, or wish to estimate your take-home income and company profits? Use our calculators to ascertain take-home pay, tax liabilities, national insurance, employee NIC and more.


Company vs Sole Trader

If you haven’t decided between establishing as a sole trader or incorporating a limited company, use our tax calculator to compare your take-home incomes as a sole trader versus as a limited company. Determine which operation will prove tax efficient for you.

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Self employed

If you are self-employed, a sole trader, or a freelancer, you can use our standard calculator to estimate your take-home income, self-employment income tax, and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) to plan your budget and cash flow.

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Ltd Company

Our calculator will estimate your Corporate Tax Liabilities for the current and previous years, distributable profits for dividends, and profits based on your expenses and annual business income.

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Employee take home salary

Are you looking to change jobs or just looking at what you will get in your bank account? Use our restructured salary calculator with updated tax rates to check how your annual gross salary impacts annual take-home pay. The calculator helps you take control of your finances when you are applying for a loan or considering mortgages.

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Employer NIC

If you are a UK business looking to employ people, work out your Employer National Insurance Contributions along with the breakdown when you hire a new employee. Also, determine daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly NICs effortlessly.

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Employee NIC

Learn how much you need to deduct from your employee’s gross pay towards NIC for the current and previous years and pay to HMRC.

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Employee vs self employed

Planning to switch your occupation from self-employed to employed or vice-versa and not sure of the taxes you will pay after the switch? Use our reliable and updated tax calculator to estimate your NIC liabilities, income tax, and take-home income.

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