How accountants are using ChatGPT with Excel

Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (ChatGPT) is the technology that will change the accounting profession, making it easier and quicker.

Aside from the fear of taking people’s jobs, AI is hugely beneficial across industries. It can produce human speech, predict financial data when required, and carry out jobs when given the proper instructions.

In this post, we’ll show you the best way to use ChatGPT to advance your Excel journey. Whether you’re a newbie to spreadsheets and AI or an experienced accounting competent for whom Excel is child’s play, you will benefit from the real-world expertise provided here.

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Benefits of using ChatGPT with Excel for accountants

Integrating AI tools like ChatGPT with Excel provides an array of perks and advantages

Increased efficiency

Streamline routine duties and perform data operations more efficiently, permitting users to concentrate on higher-value analysis and decision-making.

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Enhanced data understanding

ChatGPT’s natural language processing abilities allow more profound understanding and insight into data, offering explanations and helping in data exploration and interpretation.

Error prevention

ChatGPT validates syntax and assists in avoiding formula errors by comprehending user requirements, making calculation creation a breeze.

Flexibility and adaptability

Customise ChatGPT to comprehend domain-specific terms and phrases used in your Excel spreadsheets, making it flexible to your particular field or use case.

Tips for Using ChatGPT with Excel to achieve results

Create financial reports

It is common for accounting professionals to experience an immense amount of frustration when making financial reports like balance sheets and income statements due to the lengthy preparation process and the possibility of mistakes.

Accounting companies can boost accuracy and save time by utilising ChatGPT’s integrated Excel feature, which makes financial report generation simpler.

Deal with repetitive accounting duties

Research indicates that the accounting and finance departments spend over 500 hours annually on repetitive and manual duties. But what if you could unlock the endless possibilities of your finance and accounting teams by freeing them up from menial duties?

ChatGPT can assist you in managing different repetitive accounting problem-based tasks, permitting you to concentrate on other vital facets of your business.

ChatGPT can offer instructions on inputting accounting figures into Excel, for example, mind-numbing data entry into spreadsheets, such as financial data, client details, inventory data, and other data types.

Data analysis

Integrating AI tools like ChatGPT with Excel provides an array of perks and advantages:

  • Improved User Experience: Natural language integration makes Excel accessible to users with different levels of competence, decreasing the learning curve and encouraging a more natural experience.
  • Descriptive analysis: ChatGPT can provide an overview of your data’s main trends and patterns by producing frequency distributions, summary statistics, or visual representations.
  • Predictive analysis: ChatGPT can assist you in developing predictive models by recommending pertinent algorithms, calculating parameters, and assessing the effectiveness of your model.
  • Scenario analysis: You can perform scenario analyses by asking the AI model to predict outcomes based on various input variables. This is made possible by ChatGPT’s understanding of natural language.

Process invoices and categorise expenses

Accounting professionals must commit a substantial amount of time and energy to manage their clients’ finances because processing invoices and classifying expenses can be laborious and time-consuming.

ChatGPT can classify expenses according to predefined categories like rent, office supplies, utilities and travel expenses and analyse invoices to extract pertinent information like invoice number, due date, amount, and vendor detail.

Simplifying data manipulation

Consider that you have a large Excel dataset that includes client details like names, addresses, and past purchases. You can easily use natural language commands to filter the data by specified criteria with ChatGPT integrated into Excel.

As an example, you can request that ChatGPT “Show me all customers who purchased in the last month.” ChatGPT will instantly generate the required formula or walk you through the process to save you time and effort. This is where Excel’s AI feature comes in useful.

Formula generation

Suppose you have sales data, and you need to find the average sales for each month. Rather than racking your brains over complicated formulas, explain your calculation to ChatGPT using simple terms.

You might say, for example, “Generate an Excel formula that estimates the average sales for each month depending on the data in column B.” The formula will be sent to you by ChatGPT, guaranteeing accuracy and streamlining the formula creation process.

Creating budgets and forecasts

When it comes to the crucial tasks of creating budgets and forecasts, accountants find great benefits from the collaboration between ChatGPT and Excel, such as:

  • Efficient template structuring: ChatGPT helps accountants with the first stage by supporting the Excel budget template structure.
  • Modelling forecasts: Complicated models are frequently required due to the intricacy of financial forecasts. Here, ChatGPT comes in handy by helping accountants set up equations and calculations in Excel while incorporating pertinent variables and historical data.
  • Assumption integration: Assumptions are a necessary part of forecasting. Accountants send these to ChatGPT, which offers guidance on incorporating them into Excel formulas so that forecast changes are dynamically reflected.
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Final thoughts

The emergence of ChatGPT is making ripples throughout different sectors, leaving a profound impact. Most companies implement ChatGPT with Excel daily to remain competitive and improve efficiency.

The implementation of ChatGPT with Excel is an innovative concept that integrates the power of AI with the adaptability and familiarity of Excel. This combination boosts efficiency and will allow you to tailor your services to more clients, leading to faster growth in revenue.

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