How to get more bookkeeping clients

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    You are probably skilled at your work as a financial advisor or bookkeeper.

    You can leap tall buildings in a single bound, file tax reports faster than a speeding bullet, and advise firms on intricate financial matters.

    bookkeeper services

    It might not be easy to find potential bookkeeping clients, especially for new bookkeepers.

    Although you are confident in what you do, it might be challenging to transmit that confidence to potential customers.

    As a result, new bookkeeping leads slip through your fingers more often than expected, and your firm is missing out on new profits.

    In this blog, we will check out ways how to get more bookkeeping clients

    Table of contents

    8 Tips to attract bookkeeping clients

    The business world is always challenging. However, a well-thought-of plan makes the business much more peaceful and easier.

    Following are the tips to attract bookkeeping clients.

    1.   Choose your target audience

    Before you start your journey, consider what types of customers you’d like to add to your roster.

    If you already have several customers, you can evaluate whether they’ve been easy to work with, how much profit they create, and whether they’re likely to recommend you to others.

    You can then determine whether you will target similar clients or change your focus.

    If you are a specialist in a specific bookkeeping field, you can use this expertise to position yourself better in that sector and offer a specific service type.

    You can also find new customers by joining relevant industry groups and teams. 

    2.   Start social media marketing

    The impact of social media cannot be underestimated.

    Social media marketing is the most popular tool used by organisations today and is inarguably the most effective marketing tool in the modern business sector.

    Most sites let you create a business profile and advertise bookkeeping services, which will help you connect with a massive pool of possible clients.

    With strong social media tactics and the ability to develop engaging content, bookkeepers can easily interact with their audience.

    Additionally, it enables them to draw in clients, obtain feedback, and foster loyalty, helping expand your market reach.

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    3.   Start blogging

    Did you know that 57% of marketers have primarily used blogging to find a customer?

    Blogging is a fantastic platform enabling you to provide engaging, practical, and educational content for your potential and existing clients.

    They will appreciate your free advice and keep you on top of their mind when they need to hire a bookkeeper.

    Create a page for your small business website where you can share your expertise and bookkeeping guidance.

    Master the art of SEO (search engine optimisation) and incorporate keywords in your content to increase your chances of ranking organically when customers look for bookkeeping-related content on a searc engine.

    4.   Be a guest speaker

    If writing is not your strength, you can consider presenting information through video or in person. You can volunteer to present different bookkeeping ideas or topics for industry programs or conferences.

    Building up the expertise required to be tapped for bigger events can take time and effort. Starting small will assist you in gaining confidence in your presentation skills.

    Hosting your webinar is another way to get experience speaking as a guest. You can share essential bookkeeping tips and tricks with present and potential customers.

    Also, you have to be well-prepared for your webinar if you want to succeed. To keep your audience interested, familiarise yourself with the subject and incorporate interactive quizzes, videos, and graphics.

    5.   Trade referrals with other professionals

    You probably already know how to gain bookkeeping clients through a word-of-mouth strategy. When most individuals need an expert to accomplish a task, they generally ask friends and family members for guidance.

    Large firm professionals usually take on multiple clients and provide an attractive package with several services bundled together.

    Quite often, bookkeeping services form part of that bundle.

    As a result, by collaborating with these businesses, you will be able to provide services in your area of expertise, attracting additional business and clients.

    6.   Hunt on job sites

    As a result of technological advancement, remote working is on the rise.

    Additionally, there are now many opportunities for experts where they don’t have to be in the same geographical location as their customers.

    You can also take benefit of the search job sites to look for customers worldwide.

    These days, there are several job boards available online. They include job listings for freelance, part-time, and full-time bookkeeping jobs.

    Create a professional profile by listing your expertise on them and searching for the right customers.

    7.   Upsell complementary services

    You can frequently grow your business by providing additional services to customers you already serve.

    If they choose your competitors for services, explain why your firm can serve them better. Plan a special presentation, workshop, or meeting, and identify the best forum in your mind.

    And don’t just talk about your business. What are the other benefits you can provide to your customers? These could be:

    • Increased productivity
    • Cost or fee advantages
    • More reliable and accurate data
    • Better service
    • More experienced and smarter people

    And if your customers are already well served, search for opportunities to offer additional services to their friends, colleagues and partners.

    8.   Offer business guidance

    While providing clients with your regular services and doing the necessary work, it is also crucial to establish a rapport with the client and, along with that rapport, a connection of trust.

    Once the trust component is formed, the customer gradually asks for guidance and advice. It always helps businesses to go that extra mile and act as a trusted mentor to the client, thus gaining a healthy reputation.

    Final thoughts

    Solving problems isn’t the only way to market your business’ offerings and attract new customers. It’s about having genuine understanding, empathy, and insights into your client’s bookkeeping requirements.

    If you truly understand a business, you can sell to them before they even become aware of their problems. So use the above methods to find new and better clients and get more money from the ones you already have.

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