The Best Startup Ideas to make money in 2022

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    After two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen significant changes in business sectors, affecting the economy, disrupting supply chains and the labour market, etc. However, no challenges can stop entrepreneurs from dreaming big. But dreams without hard work and planning will not translate into a successful business.

    This blog post includes a few startup ideas for starting today and earning money. They don’t compulsorily ask you to leave your primary income source, but it is a great side income.

    Table of contents

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    10 Best startup ideas for 2022

    1. Dropshipping business

    Starting a dropshipping business is among the low-cost startup business ideas. Here, a third-party supplier stores and ships products to customers on your behalf. Your only responsibility is to make sales and pass the order to the supplier.

    You can create an online store with curated products from different suppliers focusing on a niche. Accept an order from consumers and pass it to suppliers; however, marketing and customer service are your responsibility.

    Of course, things are not always as simple as they sound, which is true. There are some legal challenges, like if you sell in multiple EU jurisdictions, VAT registrations, local tax compliance etc. Where to set up your business? Should you register for the IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) or OSS (One Stop Shop) VAT scheme?

    That’s where our dropshipping accountants will rescue you. We will register your business in the EU and ensure VAT compliance.

    2. Smart technology property management company

    After years of introducing smart technology in the market, the property management industry lags. If you are a technology freak and have proper knowledge of smart technology or information technology and infrastructure, it is one of the excellent tech startup ideas.

    In the initial years, you must set up a basic inventory of the components required to convert the regular tenant’s house into a smart home. For example, you might gather components and programming instructions to turn on lights when someone uses the front door automatically or an alert system for people away from home who need to know about a fire breakout.

    Meet with property managers to work on ongoing projects and influence them on how new technologies can create a different home.

    3. Online portal for nursing services

    The elderly generation in the UK may look for people to help them at home. Most of them don’t trust public health care systems, while others are unable to move out of their houses.

    Starting an online portal for nursing services can allow them to connect with you. These create an opportunity to communicate with doctors over a video call and ask for nurses when needed.

    It is one of the easy and cost-effective startup ideas with minimal features at the beginning and expanding on gaining popularity.

    4. Freelance content writing business

    Freelance content writing is one of the easiest business startup ideas in 2022. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection.

    To start a writing business, it isn’t mandatory to have a degree in journalism literature or be a native English speaker. However, you need expertise in a particular niche, like crypto trading. Write on that specific subject, help people understand cryptocurrency, its trading process, how to identify frauds, etc.

    You can also work on blockchain PR services which are about to be one of the great future startup ideas.

    5. Create digital products

    You can create numerous digital products, including courses, podcasts, music, and templates, and let people download them. These are among the low-investment new business startup ideas with no recurring manufacturing or shipping costs. But, your profit margin remains high.

    6. Sell handcrafted or homemade goods

    You can sell homemade candles, poetry sources, cakes, chocolates, and others online. Unlike other business ideas, you need to focus on shipping and inventory management here. However, you can simplify the process by taking small batches or on a pre-order basis unless you generate consistent sales.

    You must concentrate on the regulations in your product category, especially when consumers eat and inhale or for skin-care products.

    7. Data privacy compliance firm

    Data privacy is at stake in the UK and other parts of the World. Applications are asking for personal data and not offering sufficient security, causing data breaches and fraud.

    You can start a firm welcoming small to large businesses and individuals to consult on how to manage data privacy and be GDPR compliant. You can also work with consumers who want to protect their data and allow only a part of it to the World.

    8. Multi-language transcription service

    The UK is the home of different cultures and languages, where a language transcription service provider can be among the great startup ideas. To be a multi-language transcription service provider, you don’t need to learn multiple languages but hire freelancers to get your work done once you find clients. Additionally, ask your customers to pre-pay for their services. It ensures you pay a part of the freelancers’ payment to start their work confidently.

    If you want to provide services online, ask your customers to upload their documents on your portal and let you know in which language they need them. They make it easy to share accessibility of documents with freelancers.

    9. Pet sitting

    Be a pet sitter if you are a pet lover and sketch business ideas startup strategies. Most UK residents have a pet, and keeping them at home while going for long vacations or trips is a problem. A pet sitting business helps owners to have peaceful travels while their pets are taken care of by a pet sitter. You must watch over your clients’ pets at their houses, feed them on time, give them water, play and spend time with them, and take them on walks if needed. Additionally, you must update your client about their pets regularly.

    10. Web design company

    Building a web design company is one of the great startup ideas for engineers if you have mastered the skills of developing a website. You can spend some time learning how to use WordPress to learn more about the web design business.

    You can also offer automation web testing services, an essential process in the website development life cycle.

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    Final thoughts

    Numerous other startup options will set their foot in the market in 2022. In the post-pandemic era, you don’t need a brick-and-mortar set-up to start a business or spend your entire time learning things you are not good at but focus on what you do the best.

    Experts from different sectors, including tax advisors, accountants, planners, lawyers, and other consultants, help you start and run a business smoothly. Don’t hesitate to speak with them and put one step toward success.

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