20 must-read websites and blogs for accountants and bookkeepers

The bookkeeping world is always shifting. Ecommerce platforms make it simpler than ever to start a company. You must learn while continuously improving your skills to grow, develop, and become an outstanding accounting expert.

So, how do you remain ahead of the curve? Where do you find the knowledge, motivation, and tools you require to become a better bookkeeper?

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There are many valuable blogs and websites out there that assist bookkeepers and accountants in staying updated with the latest accounting rules and regulations.

In this blog, we shall check 20 must-read websites and accounting blogs.

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Top 20 picks for you to bookmark

1. AccountingWEB

AccountingWEB is a treasure mine of information for accounting professionals and bookkeepers who want to remain updated on current events and insights, with many articles published daily under types like ‘HMRC & Policy’ and ‘Business Tax.

It also offers accountingWEB Live, a series of monthly webinars with industry professionals on topics ranging from workplace mental health to AI and Making Tax Digital.

2. Taxation

Since 1927, taxation has been running a weekly magazine. Their website, Taxation.co.uk, is filled with finance news and a library of tax cases to browse.

Subscribers can make requests regarding specific client circumstances in an active reader forum and get immediate feedback from a network of accounting professionals. You must first sign up for Taxation magazine to utilise these online features.

3. Pearl Accountants Blog

The Pearl Accountants Blog is an outstanding all-around blog with a specific focus on UK businesses. The blog contains extensive information on establishing and running a UK business, encompassing everything from advertising to SEO to selecting suitable online accounting applications.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when companies were struggling nationwide and turning to their accounting professionals for assistance, Pearl accountants offered consistent advice on how to deal with the pandemic, apply for government grants, or get a bounce-back loan.


4.  Accountancy Today

Find premium accounting information and insights from finance industry professionals, accessible on Accountancy Today.

Accountancy Today is issued by Mulberry Media from London, England. Mulberry Media generates premium content for corporate audiences. Since 1997, they have provided executives with market intelligence to assist them in making better financial decisions.

5. 123Financials

123Financials is one of the best accounting websites, with awesome blogs.

They have a skilled team of accounting professionals who regularly create authentic and insightful accounting guides, financial news, and other informative blogs.

They provide fascinating perspectives on handling your financial tasks, time, and team more effectively. The blog especially benefits startup founders who want to leverage financial inclusion to boost their revenue. Their goal is to assist business owners, fellow accountants, and bookkeepers to become more efficient.

6. Ignition

Ignition is a customer involvement platform, but it also operates a high-authority blog that focuses on accounting recommendations, news, etc. Ignition is renowned for blog posts with useful information and practical accounting software tips.

The content they publish can assist you in solving common difficulties in financial reporting, tax regulations for businesses, tech innovations, and trends such as automation, data analytics, etc.

Reading the Ignition website lets you gain insights into the most effective financial and accounting practices. Besides that, you’ll understand about new technologies and their effect on accounting and bookkeeping practices.

7. Accounting Fun

Who says bookkeeping has to be serious all the time? If you want to relax from a hard day’s work, check out Accounting Fun—a humorous blog featuring humorous content concerning finance and accounting.

Accounting Fun can be a playful way to take a break from the profession’s frequently serious and demanding nature. The blog offers a distinctive and amusing perspective on finance to alleviate stress and encourage a more positive attitude towards work.

8. Book Mark Lee

Book Mark Lee is an essential tool for accounting professionals eager to grow their practices while improving their skills. The person behind this website is Mark Lee, an accountancy-focused futurist, speaker, and influencer.

Book Mark Lee will teach you a lot regarding practice strategy, client communication, digital marketing and strategic lead generation, business growth and networking, and using social media to market your company.

This blog emphasizes practice development and business planning, assisting accounting professionals in simplifying their businesses. At the same time, Book Mark Lee has tons of educational content that offers guidance on establishing a successful career in the accounting field.

9. Xero Blog UK

Xero, a widely recognised accounting software, acts as a solid financial management tool and encourages a community through its informative blog.

The Xero blog thoroughly discusses various accounting and small business topics. The blog provides helpful information on broader financial and business developments.

Experts and small business owners will discover helpful guidance on optimising the efficiency of Xero’s functionalities. In addition, the blog maintains its audience well-informed about the latest market developments, guaranteeing that users stay ahead in an ever-changing company landscape.

10. Experlu

The Experlu is a highly regarded blog site in the finance industry. It encompasses a range of articles to keep you up to date with the most recent laws and assist you in deciding what’s best for you to select a perfect expert.

Here is the list of subjects that Experlu offers insights on, auditing and accounting practices, fiscal reporting regulations and rules, tax regulations and news about an individual, business, international taxation, and finance technology. It also provides additional blogs on practice management, such as client retention, marketing, and staff management.

11. HMRC

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs feed on the gov.uk site acts as a real-time and changing data source for individuals and companies.

Updated multiple times a day, this feed is an extensive archive offering instant access to all the latest news and announcements by the HMRC. This includes a comprehensive range of information that varies from news about changes to legislation to significant updates on tax procedures and regulations.

The frequency of updates guarantees clients have timely access to the latest developments, allowing them to stay updated and compliant with the constantly changing laws.

12. Accountancy Age

Accountancy Age is a publication for accounting professionals in the UK. Established in 1969, the Accountancy Age offers vital technical insight into various problems in the UK accounting industry.

It offers invaluable information and exclusive discussions examining the most innovative applications that assist accountancy leaders in overseeing their practices and meeting the profession’s difficulties.

Additional material involves social media, multi-media reports, websites, and the opportunity for the audience to get involved with the discussion and comment on stories via the site, on Twitter, or through Accountancy Age’s Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Readers can have regular news and fresh evaluations sent straight to their inboxes by signing up to receive free Accountancy Age newsletters via email.

13. PracticeWIN

PracticeWIN is a free app intended for everyone in the financial services profession, from junior accountants to partners. You’ll get quick access to the most recent developments in the profession directly to your phone and advice from expert contributors on topics such as tax, marketing, and CPD.

14. Accounting Insight from Accountex

Known for its financial exhibitions and seminars, Accountex offers Accounting Insight – a platform packed with sector information and updates from experts and business insiders.

This organised feed of content offers practice advice, guidance on shifts in the industry, and analysis of the latest reports together.

15. The 6 Figure Bookkeeper

The 6 Figure Bookkeeper is a dedicated site for accountants. It offers free content downloads, hints and recommendations, a Facebook community, and an ongoing podcast with visitors from across the business.

16. FreeAgent

The FreeAgent blog provides an extensive guide for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and accountants seeking helpful insights into finance, accounting, and business management.

Offering an abundance of industry-specific information, the blog covers various topics, from useful accounting guidance and suggestions on staying compliant with tax laws to specific guidance for independent contractors and small business owners facing particular obstacles.

Additionally, the blog provides periodic updates on the FreeAgent software, providing tutorials to assist users in optimising the advantages of its features.

17. Business Live

Business Live will assist you in maintaining an eye on the larger business landscape. With content structured by both region and industry, you’ll find it simple to find the data that is most important to you and your clients.

18. Plus Accounting

Plus Accounting Blog is a website for accounting professionals seeking to stay in the loop on the most recent accounting information, developments, and regulations. Whether you’re a budding accountant or a professional veteran, you’ll discover helpful articles from accounting professionals to keep your knowledge sharp.

This website is a go-to source for accounting advice, tricks, and guidance, from career advice to instructional videos on accounting software best practices. Regular updates from leading experts in the field will give you essential knowledge about the accounting field.

19. Eagle Education

Eagle Education is where you can read the industry’s most recent thoughts and news. They post new content on their blog frequently. Accountants can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive accountancy and bookkeeping articles delivered right to your inbox.

20. Unicorn Accountants

Unicorn Accountants curates a blog with insightful posts about accounting and taxes. Take a look at their financial guidance and advice.

Unicorn Accountants is a chartered accountancy firm based in London, assisting small and medium-sized businesses through innovative financial blogs and accounting news.

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Final thoughts

The best 20 accounting blogs and websites included in this list provide a lot of information, skilled viewpoints, and helpful advice for specific needs and difficulties faced by startups in the UK.

These publications offer useful resources to manage financial matters successfully, whether understanding tax legislation, operating funds, or seeking development prospects.

For startups in the UK, being informed through these leading accounting websites is not just a choice; it’s a strategic advantage that can encourage financial security, expansion, and long-term achievement.

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