Top tips and smart marketing moves for startup businesses

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    When setting up a new firm, your primary objective is to build your brand and start growing. Unfortunately, this process takes time.

    You must now start spreading the news about your startup. The great news is that marketing is incredibly useful for companies to boost sales and revenue.

    However, the term marketing comprises many tools and techniques. If you don’t know anything about it, it’s easy to become lost in the noise, which means your efforts will go waste, and you won’t get much in return.

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    To get the right outcome, follow these tips and smart moves for startup marketing.

    Table of content

    9 Best marketing strategies for startups

    1.  Create great content
    We live in a digital era experiencing vast amounts of free content from businesses.

    Successful companies know the power of content because content marketing is one of the best methods of promoting a startup, even with a low budget which keeps the marketing costs low for startups low.

    Content marketing aims to produce valuable and relevant information for the target audience. This could be composed of texts, blogs, pictures, videos, podcasts, or any other form of media. All it needs is creativity.

    Excellent content creation is a long-term approach that will help a firm as it grows. A startup must provide exciting content that draws in its audience and motivates them to buy its good or service.

    2.  Distribute the created content
    Simply pressing “Publish” and waiting for clients to show up will not work. To get as much value for money, you can repurpose the content you produce, circulate it on non-search networks such as social media and email, and endorse it to existing and potential audiences alike.

    Let’s consider a blog post, for instance. Suppose you wrote a listicle with ten ideas. In that case, you could make a social media graphic for each and run a series of informative posts for your followers while advertising the complete article and a related content offer.

    Every content marketing strategy should include a social media plan like this and be created with distribution in mind.

    3.  Measure and enhance customer lifetime value (CLV)
    Startups must actively track CLV because it is less expensive and simpler to keep or sell to existing clients than to get new ones. You can use the following ways to retain CLV.

    • Improving customer experience and removing obstacles
    • Monitoring client feedback and working to improve reten­tion
    • Designing an approach for upselling and cross-selling

    4.  Create a referral system
    Despite all the marketing tactics and strategies, word of mouth is still effective. This is especially true for those that actively work to improve client satisfaction.

    Although referrals frequently come along organically, you can speed up the process using a referral marketing approach. For instance, you can:

    • Ask potential promoters whether they know anyone who would benefit from your product or service.
    • Incentivise clients to refer their companions through a referral system.
    • Show appreciation to those that refer you.

    5.  Boost the PR campaign
    PR is a fantastic way for new businesses to get visibility and reputation. However, startups must prepare their PR strategy effectively.

    First, defining PR goals aligned with the overall business objectives is crucial. Next, decide which PR strategy will successfully help you reach those objectives. For instance, PR can increase brand recognition, promote thought leadership, or increase website traffic.

    Once the PR objectives are clear, it’s time to design a PR plan. It should include composing press releases, pitching articles to journalists, and establishing relationships with key influencers.

    By following the above steps, firms can create a PR strategy to assist them in achieving their business goals.

    6.  Run paid ads
    Paid advertisements are powerful marketing techniques a business can use to attract new clients. It can use paid ads to boost the brand’s visibility on social networks, blogs, and other channels where individuals go to find new and exciting content.

    Startups can use paid advertisements to promote goods or services and increase sales. Numerous paid advertisement options are available, including Facebook ads, Google AdWords, and Instagram ads.

    Paid ads can be costly, but they are also very efficient in getting your startup the much-required brand visibility in the early stages.

    7.  Boost your customer service
    Providing excellent customer service is an ideal way to grow your business. When you surpass customers’ expectations, they are likely to recommend their family, friends and followers about your business.

    When you go the extra mile, like giving discounts if a client has a poor experience or following up to confirm a client was satisfied with a product or service, you create a reputation for excellent customer service.

    8.  Host local events
    While attending events is an excellent way to expand your channel, hosting your own events within your community is even more significant– attempting to run a fundraiser, providing exclusive deals on holidays, or endorsing a local sports team.

    Creating an excellent experience for your clients will nurture more personal relationships.

    If you plan an event in your region, you will build brand awareness and demonstrate to your community that you are interested in their wellbeing. When you are committed to them, they will feel more dedicated to your company.

    9.  Link building strategy
    A link-building strategy is also an excellent way to increase your website’s engagement and awareness. Building links with other web pages enhances your visibility, particularly if you’re linking with web pages with good metrics.

    Additionally, this enhances your website’s SEO. With improved SEO, it will be simpler for you to reach your target audience.

    More traffic and improved metrics imply more opportunities for profit generation. Your site will rank higher, leading more potential customers to you.

    Hire startup accountants

    Work with a UK-based accountant for tax, accounting, payroll, & EIS/ SEIS needs.

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    0203 900 3500
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    Final thoughts

    Successful firms always look for new and creative ways to market their products and services. While traditional marketing techniques are still effective, startups always seek innovative approaches to connect with their target audiences and increase revenue.

    A startup needs a strong marketing plan to differentiate itself from the competition and draw in new clients to grow its business successfully.

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